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hospital de clínicas, dr. manuel quintela

The meeting will be held on the 19th floor of the Hospital, which has ample space for events. The conference room has the necessary infrastructure to optimally develop the hybrid modality. 

How to reach the VENUE?*

*In reference to the recommended hotels 

By Bus (20 - 25 min / UY$ 48)

The most direct bus lines are 185/186.

You can download the app "Como ir" or use it directly from the web to know where it stops and how long it takes to arrive

By Uber (10 min / UY$ 200aprox.)

It works very well in our country, but only works with cards, it does not accept cash.

By Taxi (10 min / UY$ 200aprox.)

Cash is always accepted, but you should check if credit cards are accepted before boarding. Visit the website to find out how to apply

Walking (35 min)

Montevideo is a quiet and flat city that invites you to enjoy a walk.

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