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La hacienda vista hermosa

The meeting will be held on Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa, a magnificent 16th century built in stone, founded by the conqueror Hernán Cortés and restored to become the best option for lodging and events in Morelos state.

Just 30 minutes from Cuernavaca, Hacienda Vista Hermosa is a true colonial architectural jewel from the conquest period.

How to reach the VENUE?*

Nearby Airport

The Mexico City International Airport (MEX) is the closest airport to the venue.


Arranged transportation to and from the Hacienda

There will be buses to transport attendees on the following dates:

  • Sunday afternoon, Sept. 24 AT 10:00 and 15:00 CDMX time -  the airport to the Hacienda ahead of the start of the LABI Meeting

  • Wednesday morning, Sept. 27 AT 8:00 CDMX time - from the Hacienda to LNMA-UNAM in Cuernavaca.

    • This  transportation is for those attendees, who have already arrived at the Hacienda.

    • Attendees arriving on Wednesday from MEX airport can take public transportation between MEX airport and Cuernavaca via the Pullman Bus Company (travel details), and meet at LNMA-UNAM.

    • Attendees leaving on Wednesday can take advantage of the bus from Hacienda to Cuernavaca, and from there take public transportation via the Pullman Bus Company (travel details) to MEX airport. 

  • Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 27 AT 14:00 CDMX time - from the LNMA-UNAM in Cuernavaca to the Hacienda 

    • This transportation is for those remaining for the BINA portion of the meeting 

    • OR for those joining in Cuernavaca just for the BINA portion of the meeting

    • Attendees arriving Wednesday should join the group at LMNA before 14:00 or will need to make their own travel arrangements to the Hacienda via taxi or Uber (travel details).

  • Friday, early afternoon, Sept. 29 AT 13:00 CDMX time - from the Hacienda to MEX airport

    • for those departing (and not participating in the Exchange of Experience)this bus will leave directly from the Hacienda to the airport and boxed lunches will be provided for guest to eat on the bus

  • Friday, late afternoon, Sept. 29 AT 17:00 CDMX time - from the Hacienda to the Racquet Hotel in Cuernavaca

    • For those staying on at the Hacienda to participate in the Exchange of Experience Friday afternoon, this bus will take you to the Racquet Hotel in Cuernavaca where you can stay overnight before making your own way back to your next destination via the Pullman Bus Company (travel details) on Saturday morning

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