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COVID-19 policies

The host facilities and organisers seek to provide a safe and healthy environment for the meeting and participants. The venue is a public hospital; therefore, the event will follow the hospital’s guidelines while benefiting from their internal support.

COVID-19 Testing

The organisers recommend that all participants take a COVID-19 test before heading to the venue. In case of any concerning symptoms, a testing station will be available at the Hospital. If possible, please contact the organisers BEFORE heading to the event venue.

Positive Test Result

In case of a positive test result, please remain isolated in the hotel room and contact the organisers (Andrés Olivera- In this case, in-person participation will no longer be possible. 

Test Requierd for return flight

Participants who need a Covid-19 negative test certificate before taking your return flight, please contact us as soon as possible ( The organisers need to have this information in advance to request the testing within the venue hospital (Antigen or PCR).

Face Coverings

All participants must wear face coverings in indoor public spaces during the convening while not actively eating or drinking, or presenting on stage. The organisers encourage meeting attendees to bring sufficient masks to last for the duration of the meeting. However, there will also be additional masks available by request.

Social distancing

All participants are encouraged to keep some distance, especially when not wearing a mask. The organisers cannot enforce social distance guidelines during the event and for individuals. However, the auditorium will provide additional seating capacity to allow for voluntary distancing during all activities to the best of its abilities. 

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