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Latin America and the Caribbean comprise a vast and diverse region with significant disparities in scientific development and infrastructure. Nevertheless, it has a long history of regional integration and scientific collaboration. Based on a solid belief that international cooperation is essential to encompass the challenges of modern science, and in particular imaging techniques, Latin America Bioimaging (LABI) network aims to be instrumental for imaging scientists across the region to interact, share experiences and collaborate in expanding access to bioimaging training and technology.

The central topic of the 2023 meeting will be “Breaking barriers through bioimaging: pathways to transforming the Latin American scientific landscape” The main goal of the LABI meeting is to bring together imaging scientists from the region to promote integration, exchange experiences, and work together to  coordinate actions for building imaging capacities in Latin America. This year, we will focus on how to generate opportunities in Latin America for imaging scientist career and development and to discuss how to expand the Core facility and regional Hubs concept in the Latin American region. It will also serve to present some of the challenges that have been identified so far and communicate LABI’s ongoing actions and programs for the next two years, that will be supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative through the project: Building a Collaborative Network to Advance Bioimaging in Latin America


Program & Topics

The joint event #LABIxBINA2023 will take place on September 25th to 29th,
in the Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa, Morelos, Mexico.

The LABI Meeting will focus on two important topics:


Sept 25 - Exploring the prospects for Core Facility and Imaging Hub creation and support in the region.


Sept 26 - Creating pathways and opportunities for imaging scientist career development in Latin America.


Joint day!

Sept 27, morning -  A networking morning at the local host institution: Laboratorio Nacional de Microscopía Avanzada (LNMA, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), where we will recognize the 10th Anniversary of its foundation and have the option to participate in an Exchange of Experience (EoE) around the image data lifecycle, tour the facility or have free time to explore Cuernavaca. A bus will take participants back to the Hacienda after lunch to kick off the BINA meeting that afternoon.

The BINA Community Congress will provide further exploration of topics raised during the LABI meeting:

Sept 27, afternoon - Training and Education Opportunities for Imaging Scientists

Sept 28 - Training and Education Opportunities for Imaging Scientists


Sept 29 - Technology Development, Implementation & Application

#LABIMeeting2023 Mexico Schedule.xlsx - Google Sheets_page-0001.jpg

Impotant Dates

Travel Grants Opens:              Jun 24

Registration Opens:                Jul    1

Travel Grants Closes:              Jul  23

In-Person Registration Closes: Aug 20
Virtual Registration Closes:     Sept 20

Registration Fees: No fee to participate virtually and in-person fees are detailed below;
In person: prices based on single occupancy of a standard room, local taxes not included

Corporate Attendee, ~ 1340 pesos, ~ US$80/night (accommodation only, meals paid on site)
Academic Attendee, ~1340 pesos, ~ US$ 80/night (meals and accommodation)*
Local Academic Attendee, ~ 350 pesos, ~ US$ 20/day (meals & breaks, NO accommodation)*

*subsidized thanks to the contributions from our sponsors!

On-site Check-In: 3:00 pm and Check-out: 10:00am

Registration will include an option for guests (adult and children) and there is no additional fee for children under 12 if sharing the room with a guardian.

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Get in contact with LABI

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Register as a member of Latin America Bioimaging

For any additional requirements contact:

Andrés Olivera ("oliver")

LABI Network Manager


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