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Latin America and the Caribbean comprise a vast and diverse region with significant disparities in scientific development and infrastructure. Nevertheless, it has a long history of regional integration and scientific collaboration. Based on a solid belief that international cooperation is essential to encompass the challenges of modern science, and in particular imaging techniques, Latin America Bioimaging (LABI) network aims to be instrumental for imaging scientists across the region to interact, share experiences and collaborate in expanding access to bioimaging training and technology.

The central topic of the 2023 meeting will be “Breaking barriers through bioimaging: pathways to transforming the Latin American scientific landscape” The main goal of the LABI meeting is to bring together imaging scientists from the region to promote integration, exchange experiences, and work together to  coordinate actions for building imaging capacities in Latin America. This year, we will focus on how to generate opportunities in Latin America for imaging scientist career and development and to discuss how to expand the Core facility and regional Hubs concept in the Latin American region. It will also serve to present some of the challenges that have been identified so far and communicate LABI’s ongoing actions and programs for the next two years, that will be supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative through the project: Building a Collaborative Network to Advance Bioimaging in Latin America


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