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Latin America and the Caribbean comprise a vast and diverse region with significant disparities in scientific development and infrastructure. Nevertheless, it has a long history of regional integration and scientific collaboration. Based on a solid belief that international cooperation is essential to encompass the challenges of modern science, and in particular imaging techniques, Latin America Bioimaging (LABI) network aims to be instrumental for imaging scientists across the region to interact, share experiences and collaborate in expanding access to bioimaging training and technology.

As a hallmark of the LABI Meeting, we welcome you this year to the joint meeting of Latin America Bioimaging (LABI) and the Fluorescence Nanoscopy in Bioimaging Congress 2024 (FNB). LABI and FNB aim to enhance bioimaging capacities across Latin America and the Caribbean, fostering community building, and promoting career development for imaging scientists, all while striving to increase access to imaging resources. We are privileged to simultaneously host the annual meetings of both organizations with the support of the Sociedade Brasileira de Microscopia e Microanálise (SBMM), providing a unique opportunity for collaboration and knowledge sharing. Join us from August 19th to 23rd at the auditorium of Fundação Coppetec, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where members of both communities will come together to share experiences, align interests, and integrate efforts with the global bioimaging community. The LABI Meeting will take place from August 19th to 21st, followed by the FNB Meeting from August 21st to 23rd. We have an opening ceremony on August 18th at Museu da Amanha, and in August 21, all participants will have the opportunity to visit the Centro Nacional de Biologia Estrutural e Bioimagem (CENABIO) and participate in an outreach activity open to the general public. This five-day event offers a unique platform for networking and collaboration, providing opportunities to engage with decision makers in research infrastructure investment. The academic focus of Superres will allow the exchange of knowledge of cutting-edge research in fluorescence and imaging. In addition, there will be dedicated sessions for discussions with science policy makers, academics and commercial representatives. We look forward to welcoming you to Rio de Janeiro for what promises to be a memorable and productive meeting. Estamos ansiosos para recebê-lo!!


Program & Topics

The joint event #LABIxSuperres2024 will take place on August 18th to 23th, 
in the in the auditorium of Fundação Coppetec, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

LABIxSuperres is a targetted event for establishing and strengthening strategic links between bioimaging professionals throughout the region and key global partners and stakeholders from North America, Europe and Africa.

Who will participate?

LABI is an expanding community. Currently, 360 members from 26 countries and 65 core facilities from 11 regional countries registered in our website. LABI´s periodic newsletter has over 550 subscribers.

At the LABI Meeting, based on our experience at the 2022-23 meeting, we anticipate 90 in-person participants from at least 10 countries.

LABI Meeting will focus on the following topics:

Aug 18 - Opening Ceremony  (Museu do Amanhã)
Aug 19 - LABI-funded Program Evaluation and Working Groups Networking
             - Setting the Stage for Sustainable Growth in Open Infrastructure

Aug 20 - Fostering Innovation in Data Management for Biomedical Impact
             - Shaping a Sustainable Pathway for Bioimaging in Latin America

Aug 21 - Facility visit to
            - Outreach activity in charge of LABI Outreach & Integration working group and                        EducaCiencia (Botanical Garden)  

Superres Meeting will focus on:
Aug 22 - Session 1 - Super resolution microscopy in Latin America
             - Session 2 - Single molecule localization microscopy

Aug 23 - Session 3 - Boosting Optical Fluorescence Microscopy with Structured Light
             - Session 4 - Expanding worldwide access to Super Resolution Microscopy

We recommend this meeting for imaging scientists from all career levels working in academia and industry. You do not need to be a LABI member to attend the meeting, though it would be great to have you join LABI (is free!)
#LABIxSuperres Meeting 2024 Schedule_page-0001.jpg

Important Dates

Travel Grants Opens:               March 25

Registration Opens:                 March 25

Travel Grants Closes:               May 27 (23:59 GMT-3)

In-Person Registration Closes:  Jun 30 
Virtual Registration Closes:       Aug 12

Registration Fees


No fee to participate virtually  
In person (meals included): 

Academic Attendee outside Brasil - No cost

* Local Academic Attendee - USD 50

** Corporate Attendee - USD 150

 * 50% discount LABI or SBMM members.   
** 50% discount for delegates from companies associated with LABI or SBMM

Local academic attendees cannot exceed one third of the attendees (maximum capacity 90 attendees)


LABI Meeting aims to promote inclusivity and foster collaboration within the bioimaging community in Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Travel grants are intended to provide financial support to Latin Americans individuals who would otherwise be unable to attend the event, enabling them to actively participate in the discussions and networking activities.  


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Get in contact with LABI

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For any additional requirements contact:

Andrés Olivera ("oliver")

LABI Network Manager


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